September 30, 2020 Episode 9: Niki Conrad, Dead Dads and the Society of Patriotic Mask Wearers

Niki Conrad is the daughter of Nick and Nedra Conrad. She was born and raised in Fort Dodge Iowa. As a fellow Iowan she is naturally spectacular. In addition to being naturally spectacular, she (like me) has a dad who is dead. Unlike me, she was in the midst of a campaign for Webster County Supervisor.

She tells me, for better or worse "death and I have been pals" for a long ass time. 

She got through the campaign with help from friends, family and the Fort Dodge community - and she proudly - and patriotically - serves that community today. Just as her dad served his country during the Vietnam Era. 

The death of her young sister, the death of her father, and now facing an unmitigated COVID19 pandemic, Niki and I talk dads, grief, empathy anger and how to be a mask wearing patriot without really trying. 


Niki = one of my favorite people.